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About Motor-Tech

If you are looking for a local mobile mechanic covering Leicestershire look no further. You have come to the best possible place. Here at Motor-Tech, we have been offering service, repairs and MOT’s in the Leicestershire area for over 30 years, getting our customers back on the road as soon as we can.

We carry out all types of work including Air conditioning re-gassing, Diagnostics with state-of-the-art computers. We can do that on most makes and models and we are always ready to help. As a local mobile mechanic in Leicestershire We are proud to offer you the very best in service, repairs, and MOT’s. We also have the best equipment to run a full diagnostic test on any car. We pride ourselves on our name and reputation within the Leicestershire area.

Vehicle Servicing in Leicestershire

Mobile Car Servicing For All Makes & Models.

We carry spares for many manufacturers, coupled with dealer level diagnostics we can service your car, keeping it road-worth, healthy & in mechanically sound condition. A Motor-Tech service keeps your car in a fully functioning and more importantly, safe condition.

Our servicing includes checking the mechanical and electrical functions of your car, emissions & also the fluids. Brake & exhaust wear and tear – we’ll even top up your washer fluid & check the wiper blades too! From top to bottom, with a full report provided of all works undertaken and any recommendations will be communicated – with any recommended works given levels of priority.

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MOT - Preparation, Testing & Repairs

We'll Get Your Car Its MOT!

Our Mobile Mechanic can collect your car from your home or place of work in Leicestershire at your convenience. Motor-Tech offer same day collection and drop off, so there is no need to "wait around" or to take time off work. We offer a FREE collection and delivery service to make getting your vehicle MOT'd a less stressful experience.

We can plan a pre-MOT to establish if there are any known or obvious points of failure, perhaps combining the MOT with service. We can also carry out MOT repair work and take for re-testing. With all of our work we always provide a full 12 month warranty.

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Diagnostic Fault Finding

Dealer Level Diagnostic Equipment That Finds The Problem!

If you have a warning light on your dash, car not running right, Showing a leak or perhaps fuel consumption less efficient?

We carry on-board dealer level diagnostic computer software in Leicestershire, we can "plug-in" to diagnose the problem fast, reading, understanding, fixing and closing down fault codes. If your car is due for an MOT then a flashing warning light could potentially lead to a MOT failure. Getting this checked out first could prevent you having to have a retest, saving you money and time. Our top-of-the-range diagnostic tools and software are quick and accurate and specialise in vehicle fault-finding, making any repairs quicker and more cost effective.

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Changing Oil & Filters

It's A Dirty Job – But We Love To Do It!

Getting regular oil and filter changes helps keep your engine running in good condition and can vastly improve your fuel economy & engines performance.

Oil levels should be checked on a regular basis, but not everyone does – it's not always easy to do and not everyone can tell what the correct level is. Is the oil dirty? Does it need a top up? And it's a dirty, time consuming job. We can help. We'll come to your home or work and schedule a check, top up or replace Oil & filters routinely to help maintain the performance and life of the engine.

If you're getting your oil changed then we also recommend you change your oil filter as well. Filters can get clogged up over time and replacing these can improve your vehicles efficiency & extend life. It is recommended to change your oil and filter every 15,000km / 10,000 miles.

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Car Auto Electricians Problems?

Warning Lights On... We'll Sort It Out.

If you have any type of electrical faults with your car, from windows to wipers, headlights to interior lights, Motor-Tech can help. There are several things that can go wrong with your vehicle if you have problems with your electrics, especially in modern cars.

We use dealer lever diagnostic tools to determine the fault and get straight to the problem. Having diagnosed an issue, you can rely on Motor-Tech to get it fixed quickly, without the need to take the car to a main dealer – and we're about half the price!

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Brakes, Pads & Fluids

Regular Brake Inspections Are Crucial For Keeping You Safe

The components of hydraulic braking systems are subject to considerable stress and as a result require frequent inspection and routine maintenance. A brake service also involves checking the brake fluid. We do this to see if it contains too much moisture. Too much water can affect the function of the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) will be impaired.

It is recommended to have your brake fluid changed every 2 years regardless of the vehicle age. We'll also check your pads and calipers. In fact, the operation and condition of your cars entire braking system are taken care of, we'll even check the brake lights work properly.

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Car & Commercial Vehicle Welding

Professional Welding Repairs For All Vehicles

We can provide a complete welding repair service within the Leicestershire area. Motor-Tech have all the welding equipment required to do any repair work you may need.
We work on all makes and models and can fix a wide range of issues including exhausts, body panels, suspension, out riggers, sills and floors and much more. We have expertise in all of these areas and all of the work we do is guaranteed. If your car has any structural damage, it will fail your MOT and also be unsafe too drive. Don't leave it to chance. Get in touch with Motor-Tech today to discuss all your Vehicle Welding needs.

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