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Air Conditioning Re-charge/Re-gas in Lutterworth LE17

If you think your Air Con is not quite as cold as it once was, maybe it’s not clearing the windscreen as quickly as normal?

It's quick and inexpensive to call us out to recharge the vehicles air-conditioning, a re-gassing will top up the levels and give you your climate controlled environment back.

We can also check for any leaks or issues with the Air Conditioning System itself, to establish and fix any underlying problems that may be causing a loss of gas.

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Air Conditioning repairs & Re-Gassing in Lutterworth

Get ready for the hot summer months

To keep your Air Conditioning in peak condition, it needs to have regular check ups. Most cars have an Air Conditioning system and over some time, they lose gas, or the filters become saturated which will cause the Air Conditioning to stop working at their full capacity or, worst case scenario, fail completely. If that happens, these Air Conditioning systems can be quite expensive to replace or repair.

Harmful bacteria can build up in the Air Conditioning system, which will create unpleasant smells. We can remove this bacterium which will leave your car smelling fresh and clean again. Getting a regular check like you would on the car itself, could save you a lot of expense in the long run.

Ask Motor-Tech to carry out a FREE temperature test which will let you know the health of your Air Conditioning system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a mobile mechanic service my car in Lutterworth?

Yes, we carry spares for many manufacturers, coupled with dealer level diagnostics we come to you and service your car in Lutterworth LE17. Our servicing includes checking the mechanical and electrical functions, emissions, fluids, brake and exhaust wear and we provide a full report.

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